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Run for a Reason: My 5 Reasons to Run

Ellie Goudling Running for Success & Running for a Reason

Running is an individual (but sometimes partnered) sport based on speed, strength, stamina and most often high levels of determination. Although not for everyone, running is a hobby or even addiction that many of the worlds successful people take part in.

Inventor of the hugely successful Dyson vacuum, James Dyson has previously told FT’s weekend magazine that he’d “think nothing of a 6-mile run before breakfast”. And James isn’t the only one, with the well known UK singer Ellie Goulding consistently making it clear of her joys and addiction to running, even posting the following video about it for Nike’s #LetsTurnItUp event.

And so, it’s clear that there must be some reasons to run and many connections between running and success. So why do they run and why should you run to? Read on to find out my five reasons to run for success! » Read more..

Why You Should Write A Life Mission Statement

Life Mission StatementInspirational. Motivational. Directive, and guiding. Mission statements are used in all companies around the world. They are used to give an overviewing feel of the aims of the company and to give a sample of the companies philosophy. But not only can they be used for companies, but lives too!

I have long been using life mission statements to guide and motivate my life. Ever had one of those days where you feel lost? This statement will guide you in your actions. Maybe you have just broke up with your girlfriend?

A life mission statement like this will help your move on in your life and make the right choices for your future. It gives you a set of points that will motivate and inspire you to work ahead into the direction you want. A life mission statement is the best way to give an overview of the life you want and way you’ll be heading to get there.

Below is my life mission statement… » Read more..

8 Top Tips For… Determination – How To Keep Determined in Life

Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom. – Jim Rohn

Determination is the most powerful essence of human nature. It’s the key ingredient for a mindset that turns plans into ticked boxes. An idea into an achievement. You into your ideal self and life.

To be determined is to leave nothing to fate and overcome any barriers that try to get in the way of you becoming and doing the best that you can. Here are five things you can do to bring more determination into you and your life… » Read more..