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Three Steps to Awakening the Giant Within

So in the last few days, inline with my goal of reading 12 books this year, I received another new book. This time, I’ve chosen to read a book on a subject I love and know, rather then just a subject I want to know more about. My latest addition to the collection is “Awaken the Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins.

Anthony, or Tony as I’ll refer to him for the rest of this post, is a well-known guy all over the world for his abilities in self-empowerment and making people realize and work on their dreams.

Tony Robbins“We all have dreams…” he says at the beginning of the book, “At one time in our lives, we all had a vision for the quality of life that we desire and deserve.” But he goes on to talk about the reality, “Yet, for many of us, those dreams have become so shrouded in the frustrations and routines of daily life that we no longer even make an effort to accomplish them.”

And really that’s what Tony Robbins (and his book) is all about. Bringing people back to their dreams and empowering them through the mind and strategies to accomplish them.

How To Create Lasting Change

In the first chapter of the book, following the introduction of himself and what he does, he speaks about change. After all, that’s what the whole book’s about right?

Tony gives the three steps to creating lasting change and why he relies on them for all of the work he does. The following are his three steps to create change.

Raise Your Standards

According to Tony Robbins, and actually when you think about it, the rules of life too… to improve your life you must raise your standards. And only by raising your standards and excepting nothing less, will you also raise your quality of life and achievement.

“When people ask me what really changed my life 8 years ago, I tell them that absolutely the most important thing was changing what I demanded of myself.” He says, “I wrote down all the things I would no longer except in my life, all the things I would no longer tolerate, and all the things that I aspired to becoming.”

Think about all those from the past, “Leonardo da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein…” as Tony lists just a few, Any and all of them raised their standards in the act of change, and as proven, it must make the difference.

Change Your Limiting Beliefs

So once you’ve decided on change and raised your standards, you must also change your limiting belief. Raising your standards is worthless if you don’t believe you can meet them. “You wont even try,” says Tony, “You’ll be lacking that sense of certainty that allows you to tap into the deepest capacity that’s within you.”

And that why you must change your beliefs, to believe, to truly believe and have faith in your ability to meet you standards and achieve your goals.

Change Your Strategy

And the last (but not least!) step of lasting change is to change your strategy. Once you’ve raised your standards, set your aims and found a true belief in your ability to meet them, you must now adapt your long-term strategy and implement some new short term ones to help you achieving the aims you’ve set.

This could be by creating a log book and planner like me or by any other way you come up with. You should also include some daily rituals into your strategy; such as watching motivational videos each day, which implement a sense of certainty and inspiration into your life.


I’m only 25 pages into this book, but up to yet it seems a great one. I can’t recommend it yet, but I feel like I should. Anthony Robbins is an inspiration speaker and a guy who has changed many peoples lives, including mine from the beginning.

Maybe the steps above will aid you in securing the life you want, or if not inspire you into learning more. Why not grab a cheap copy from eBay and Awaken Your Giant Within?

Wrote by Joe Brown

Aspergers Week: Aspergers or a Label for Genius?

Wrote by Aimee Hall

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When thinking of Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, what do you think of?

For me it’s simple. I think of three men that all worked exceptionally hard to be and create what they have and to be the best in their field. I also think of a shared set of characteristics that got them there; Determination, Obsession, Focus, and a rejection of an ordinary life. I think of success.

But now, would you be surprised if I now told you that all these traits are actually the symptoms of a medically recognized difference? 

Asperger’s & Aspie’s


Aspergers syndrome is the term used to describe a rare and irreversible psychological difference that affects the way in which certain people communicate, work and perceive the outside world.

Common Characteristics Include:

  • A singular attention & intense focus
  • A disinterest in social contact
  • The need for a routine and a plan
  • An intense intelligence and talent in one field alone

I’ve previously covered the effect that a person frame of mind can have on them, but the interesting thing about Asperger’s is its effect alone on the person and their future.

Combined with the dream, Asperger’s and its traits have probably been a huge player in the successes of some people. Steve Jobs, Charles Dickens, Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, and Walt Disney, they all have all got, had or are assumed to have had it and they have all succeed to their aim’s.

But once upon a time the figures listed above were just like you. They had a dream and path. But now, as they leave their mark in the world, they prey that you won’t just carry on from where they left off in later years, but do so having learnt from them in terms of both their successes and their mistakes.

Learning from Them

The world is an evolving place, and it’s the job of everybody in it to evolve themselves and their fields with it. To build on what the previous successes brought to the world, in order to make it better.

From Aspergers We Can Learn the Importance of:

  • Planning ahead & organising your mind
  • Being proud to think differently
  • Being focused and persistent
  • Having the ability to undergo work and effort to get to where you need to be
  • Ignoring outside distractions
  • Tunnel Vision

In terms of getting things done, these qualities could be considered essential ingredients to making your own way in life and rethinking an idea in a way that has never been seen before.

“If the world was left to you socialites, nothing would get done and we would still be in caves talking to each other”   Dr Temple Grandin

But as discussed in my tunnel vision blog post, rejection of change and socialization can also lead to a rejection of life, inspiration and opportunity. Which is especially important when considering the creative field of Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg.

So it’s Equally Important to Avoid:

  • Routine & Inflexibility
  • Single focus
  • Obsession (to the point where your field is your life, not a support for)
  • Ignoring outside opinions
  • Tunnel Vision

To conclude, the success of all these amazing people may be considered as despite or as a result of their condition. But to me, the reason these people made the history books is because they considered both sides to the story.

It’s important to remember that there are many people who have also succeed in our world without this difference, but by bringing in some of the keys of Asperger’s to your life, and bearing in mind the things below I believe anybody can achieve and succeed.

So, Learn from Aspergers, but Bare In-Mind the Following To:

  • There’s a difference between following a routine and missing opportunities.
  • There is a difference between distractions and possible ideas.
  • There is a difference between being focused and being obsessed.

Learning the difference will divide you from those achieve and those who don’t, those who are happy and those who aren’t. And that difference is the achievement of a one life success.

The question is, what will the people of the future learn from you?

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Refresh The Mind – For A More Direct Route To Success

Ever feel the need to relax your thinking and refresh the mind? You feel your attitude to life slipping or your vision for the future becoming blurred? Then you should take a break, kick it all out and refresh the mind.

The simplicity of something such as a train ride and its effect on the brain can be all that’s needed to change your mindset and vision on life, and to look forward on it in a new light.

I frequently catch the train, sometimes for short journeys just to Birmingham and back and sometimes further (like right now!) The great thing about train rides, is other then the short bursts of thinking to check where you are and when you need to get off or change, you can simply relax, look out of the window and watch the world go by.

I personally find watching everybody move along and travel a very inspiring and interesting sight. To sit there quietly and watch all of the people and their life’s little journeys pass in one single carriage for some reason clears my mind of my own life, which helps me focus back on it later on.

Maybe that’s part of why cities and city people are generally so much more productive and quick to react over the country side? We’re inspired and motivated by playing our part in the system, the system of life and work. And when us city people take work out of the equation but keep life in it, we refresh the mind, our mind of the moment. Allowing us to take more definitive and positively focused steps in the near future.

So if your looking for a clearer vision of the future, with better prospects and thinking, take yourself out of your work life system and refresh the mind. Watch the world and its people go by and clear your mind of yourself and your work just for now. You’ll soon be much clearer and proactive from it!

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Wrote by Joe Brown

The Best Way To Succeed – Fail Fast, Succeed Faster

Wrote by Joe Brown

Learn fast, fail fast, correct fast, and connect faster"

Fail fast” is a phrase heard said often by successful people all over the world, but up until the last few weeks was a phrase I never really fully understood. I mean, not to say I didn’t understand the words, I did, I just hadn’t gained my own meaning for the term itself. But on a trip to Campus London a few weeks ago it all slipped into place.

Campus London is a seven story building in East-London run by Google for Entrepreneurs. It offers area’s for tech entrepreneurs and innovators to meet, socialise and develop. While there, both myself and Aimee received several talks and meets from a variety of entrepreneurs including a video conference with the head of the Campus .

Towards the start of the visit, we we’re given a talk with 3 current tech entrepreneurs, the first being Andy from ClickMechanic, second Barney from ClickVine and third Chris from TwoTen. A key message passed over in this was to “fail fast” and not be put off by it. Our host later went went back and highlighted this and its importance to success, saying “Failure is not a bad thing, not all ideas are going to be good ideas but the crucial thing is, fail fast right? Don’t like put something out there when all of the evidence is suggesting its not a good idea. You don’t push forward, you put your hands up and say that wasn’t a good idea. Shut that down and start something else.

When she said what she did, it clicked in my mind as I brought it together with my own experience of a past relationship; something that can quite often be similar to business or the general journey to success. The overview of the story was a two year span ending in a pretty dim end, but I realise now that if only I had of learnt to recognise the symptoms of failure early and ‘failed fast’, it just may not have been so dim after all. So with this connection in mind, I now understand and fully recognise the importance of the ‘fail fast’ talk in an individuals journey to success. To fail fast means a quicker, more direct and often less hurtful journey to true success, with still all the recognised teachings of a more obnoxious journey.

Now this site’s based around the fact of success and the journey to it and failure is something shown to come many times in the journey before any success. And so to me, recognising failure and fast is a key skill in achieving success. Recognising from evidence that one thing isn’t going to be your doorway to success and moving on from it early, is the best way to move forward to the next thing that could be. It’s the best way to succeed.

So why not take this approach on board in your life? Save time, save effort, save money and fail fast… you’ll reach the success you want much quicker by doing so!

What are your opinions on failure and failing fast? When did you learn to fail fast? Let us know in the comment below, or join the conversation on Twitter !

Zeeshaan Shah on Success

Wrote by Joe Brown


Zeeshaan Shah, also known as Zee, is well accustomed to success and its traits regardless of his latest loss at the firing of himself by Alan Sugar in this years Apprentice. Zee, asserting himself as an “over achiever” and “a man of principles” on the show has previously dealt in many higher level management teams in the UK and made huge success in the Dubai property scene.

After taking hold of the reins in Episode 5 of the series, it all ended bad for Zee after team mistakes were made. Zee was a charismatic guy throughout but was often criticised for his high levels of self belief, stating at one point “I’m a believer in my own power and I believe that what ever my mind can conceive, I can achieve.” This just shows the kind of man were talking about and I believe the kind of man due to succeed.

I found Zee to have the mindset of a winner; even wearing a shirt stating “Life’s a competition” at one point. And so, intrigued by his mindset and risk taking success in the Dubai property market, I got in touch asking for his top three tips for success; and here they are from the man himself.

Embrace Failure

The first of Zee’s key principles is to ‘Embrace Failure’, telling me “The most successful people in the world are the ones who have failed. Don’t be afraid to fail.” This attitude towards failure lie’s parallel to his solid wall of self-belief and his mindset of success. He, myself and many other success aimers/achievers a like believe that no failure or issue can get in the way of our overall journey and that we will eventually, after one failure or a million, reach our aims. This attitude towards failure is paramount to the success of anyone.


“Persistence beats resistance” says Zee, “No matter what life throws at you, keep going. Inevitably success will be yours.” This makes sense and is something evidently important in the journey to success of all people successful. Closely linked to and endorsing the principle of dealing with and overcoming failure, persistence is certainly a key to success; and a well proven one at that. If you never give up, then you can never truly of failed right? And one day you will succeed, as Zee says, its inevitable.


Progression is something not so commonly spoke about as a principle for success, but it is one that’s imperative to any individual and their success. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t always know your destination,” Zee told me, “the most important thing is that you keep moving forward.” And this is so true, though not commonly said. The journey to success is like a rolling coin, once it slows and stops, then all momentum is lost and its so easy (and common!) to fall. So simply, don’t let it and keep moving forward.

A Final Comment

20130601-185234.jpgEnding our chat with a final comment, Zee told me “Most importantly be a doer, everyone loves someone who tries. Follow your dreams, believe and try, theres no shame in failing.” and I think this quote talks for its self. There is no shame in taking a risk and failing, because the real risk and failure is in taking no action at all.

Zee’s Quote of the Day: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

What are your opinions on success and its achievement? Let us know and join the conversation on !

Why You Should Write A Life Mission Statement

Wrote by Joseph Brown

Inspirational. Motivational. Directive, and guiding. Mission statements are used in all companies around the world. They are used to give an overviewing feel of the aims of the company and to give a sample of the companies philosophy. But not only can they be used for companies, but lives too!

I have long been using life mission statements to guide and motivate my life. Ever had one of those days where you feel lost? This statement will guide you in your actions. Maybe you have just broke up with your girlfriend? A statement like this will help your move on in your life and make the right choices for your future. It gives you a set of points that will motivate and inspire you to work ahead into the direction you want. A mission statement is the best way to give an overview of the life you want and way you’ll be heading to get there.

My Life Mission Statement


Taken from my notebook, the following is my life mission statement:

I will be a positive and driven individual who makes a great change to this world. I shall be a person of great success, who has lived life to the fullest by achieving and experiencing everything I ever dreamed of and set out to.

My life will be a journey of ups and downs, and side to sides. Full of happy times and hard ones, and all backed by hard work. But when it comes to an end, i’l wish it hadn’t and so will others around me.

I will end my life with great memories of my success, my experiences, my achievements and my journey. Leaving this earth as a recognized man and leaving a legacy that will be remembered and spoke about by people around the world for years to come.

Sounds a bit silly right? Like your speaking more about superman or something? I agree, but if superman was what you wanted to become then that would be fine! If you want to be a globally successful entrepreneur like myself, who has not only made a success of himself, but helped made a success of others to, then the above statement would be fair. It may be far from where I am now, but thats the point. It’s a ‘life’ statement, guiding you to where you want to be and what you want to have done by the time you end your life.

Your Life Mission Statement


A blackboard: what is your mission?

So what are you waiting for? Have a careful think about yourself, your life and your aims, and think about your values and the values you will need to get to where you want to be. Then write a draft statement, review it and re-write it again. You can re-write your life mission statement as many times as you like, it’s the end result that matters. That statement will help you in making decisions, guiding you on your journey, being motivated and being inspired.

It’s a good habit to read your life mission statement daily to put it into your sub-conscious mind and let your mind work on it in secret. Also don’t forget, that your aims and wants can change at anytime so should review and re-write this statement every few months.

Six Ways to Succeed like Steve Jobs

Wrote by Aimee Hall

“Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.” - Apple

A picture of Steve JobsUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re bound to have noticed the dynamite impact that this exceptional man had on the world at some point in your life.

I never personally knew much about Steve Jobs until now, but after learning about how he changed the world from Joe, I guess he’s become quite an inspiration to me. And why? Because quite simply Steve changed the world! Leader of Apple, Steve jobs was not only a genius in several fields of industry but a hero to his employees and the people around him throughout his life. Famous for his ‘it has to be perfect’ attitude and ambitious and curious approach to inventing, he left the world a legend.

Here’s my six ways to succeed like Steve Jobs…

1. Strive for perfection. Steve Jobs was never satisfied with good. His and his team’s execution of every task had to be flawless. Every. Single. Time. Because they were always searching for bigger and better ways of doing things, it meant that life was more demanding for him and his employees, but the fact that he considered all the smallest details meant that everyone had to be focused, meet his vision and find a niche. It worked. By not being willing to let himself or his team settle for anything less than the absolute best, his products also became the absolute best. Hense why they improved the world so dramatically. The moral to the story? If you want to be the best, never settle for anything less than the best you can do and be honest with people who aren’t reaching the bar.

Steve often said that “A players only work well with A players, which means we cant indulge in B players”. This only goes to show how he went about his work and his team… nothing but the best, to produce the best.

2. Be inspired by others. Thomas Edison and Henry Ford were just two of Steve Job’s idols. He often spoke of them, sharing the stories that inspired him to with his people and quoting them. If you want to reach for the stars, you should always try to learn as much as you can about the people who reached a similar goal to the one that you are aiming for. The key is to learn from success in order to breed your own. For more information on role models see this page *Your Ideal Self*

Apple logo: think different

3. Think different. To get as far as he did in your own field, you have to encourage experimentation of yourself and other people. You have to push out of your comfort zone, think outside the box. A creation is called a creation for a reason. It’s the exercise of boundaries, the widening of the box, the reason why our world is always developing. If you want to be different and create something different, you must allow yourself to and question everything.

4. Take Big (But Calculated) Risks. Steve Jobs always followed his heart. Any risk that comes with thinking different, is worth it because if you know what is best for you and you think that by following your heart you can learn or gain something then go for it! You are more likely to become successful and inspire others by doing what inspires you; in order to invent you must not be afraid to be wrong. That’s the difference between a successful person and a non-successful person. Anyone in the world could have been someone great. Someone great sacrificed to achieve that greatness. They gambled. Someone smart heightens the stake by preparing and making themselves more valuable first.

5. Never give up. A wrong decision is still a decision. Steve Jobs knew that in order to think different, he had to let his team make mistakes. The whole brilliance of being an inventor is not only about taking big risks, but also creating an environment that are fearless of doing wrong. Who could learn from ideas that didn’t go to plan and to make them better. Being determined is the difference between an inspired person and an inspiring one. In order to get the job done, you must never allow yourself to take the easy option. Steve didn’t. That’s why he found a better alternative to the MP3 player, reinvented the mobile phone, saved the music industry through iTunes and created several brand new niche industries; Including the mobile application industry and the tablet computer. He invented things that changed the future of technology, and in fact changed the world. And thats because he never let anything stand in his way.

6. Aim to make the world a better place. For the world to notice you, you must give it something to notice. Work on something bigger than you. Reach as high as you can. Whether that’s simply just helping someone to think different or take a risk or by creating something that the world and the people in it would benefit from; the world wants someone who is valuable. Employers will pay for someone who can do the job the best. Publishers will publish books that people will enjoy the most. Investors will invest in the products that people need most in their lives; things which people value, will sell and make the investor their investment back!

Even if you don’t aim to become the next big face in the movement of technology, I’m sure you want to be remembered. By looking at how he achieved what he did, you can learn how to create your own perfect recipe for success. And really, that’s what having a role model, like Steve, is all about.

8 Top Tips For… Determination

 Written by Aimee Hall

“Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom”Jim Rohn

Determination is the most powerful essence of human nature. It’s the key ingredient for a mindset that turns plans into ticked boxes. An idea into an achievement. You into your ideal self and life. To be determined is to leave nothing to fate and overcome any barriers that try to get in the way of you becoming and doing the best that you can. Here are five things you can do to bring more determination into you and your life…

1. Keep focused. Identify your optimum conditions for working from experience. At what time of day do you feel most productive and proactive? Do you work best independently? Inside? Outside? Listening to music? Control the area around you to suit. If this means unplugging the wifi, putting up pictures around you or simply putting a bolt on your door do it. To be in a place that channels our focus will ultimately become a place that motivates and inspires you so it’s important to consider where and when you work on the things you do.

2. Play to your strengths. If you bore easily on large projects, divide it into smaller ones. Always remember, when taking on any task, that you are a unique individual. Always aim for the things that you want. For the prizes that you find shiny. After all success means different things to everyone and we only have a limited supply of money, energy and time to invest in things.

3. Remind yourself regularly of the task at hand and its rewards. When you sit down to work, keep breaks strict and create realistic to-do lists. Ensure that you begin the day with a goal and keep a bucket-list nearby to remind you of your purpose throughout the day. Motivation and determination go hand in hand, so never start a project that you see no reward or joy in. When we are positive towards the task in hand, we generally work a lot more efficiently.

4. Manage your time well and keep organised. Stress, negativity and lack of self-confidence can not only affect our health but also, how S.P.I.R.I.T.E.D we are. It’s important to keep our mind refreshed but also clear. The easiest way to do this is by keeping our external life clear too, keeping our belongings organised and avoiding negative or stressful situations that we are unable to take control of e.g learning to say no and making the most of your time.

5. Be ‘selfish’. Always think independently and stick to what you believe in; sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish to get what you want but that’s okay, if your living by your values. Never let anyone say your doing too much because chances are, they are doing too little or they haven’t discovered the fact that a human can reach as far as he wants too; if he wants to.

6. Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn from time to time. If you’ve done something well, seek out and treasure the rewards. You want all the opportunities you can get, so make sure that your name is at the top of the pile when the next opportunity arises by defining yourself as the capable and determined person you are. It’s all very well being humble… but what’s not great when your striving for success is to be overlooked so be prepared to make decisions and talk about your successes.

7. Make clear and defined goals. The steps to achieve and the goal itself must always be clear and make sense to us. If we know exactly what and why we are striving for something it makes it easier for us to be motivated and to take the next step and decision. Anyone with a clear goal, will have a clear and focused train of thought so ensure that you know exactly what you want and how to get there.

8. Learn to see obstacles as stepping stones to get where you need to be. I guarantee that every successful person faced dilemma at some point. But the reason they overcame that dilemma, the reason they changed their life was because they took the steps to change themselves and ignored any doubts they or anybody else had. Being determined is about being positive and constructive about yourself and the future. It’s being focused on anything that you want to do, and not being pushed away from that vision.

The word determination in the dictionary

Being determined can help you climb the career ladder, learn from feedback and get the job done. It’s essentially the difference between a fulfilled person and an unfulfilled person. So in order to be the best that you can be always keep what you have hopefully learnt here in mind and strive for the best.

5 Top Tips For… Inspiration

 Written by Aimee Hall




To be inspired is to have ideas unlike anyone else’s. To consider ideas and solutions in lights that only you can see. Whether you’re an artist, an entrepreneur or a parent, being able to seek beauty and opportunity in the littlest of things will help you to become more positive, imaginative and excited to face the day. Follow my top tips for inspiration to learn how…

1. Record your thoughts. Just like Jim Rohn, it’s a good idea to keep a notebook with you at all times to capture sudden inspirations and thoughts. See something you like? Hear someone moaning about something you think you can solve? Write it down! You can fill it with anything, drawings, photographs… anything that makes you feel motivated and inspired to improve yourself and your life right now, today.

2. Ask yourself where in the world you feel most drawn to. Has there ever been a place that you have always wanted to go, or have been too and never forgotten? When generating ideas imagine that place as vividly as you can. What does it look like? How do you feel when your there? Remember and escape to this place whenever you feel like your idea tap has run dry.

3. Always try to address situations with an open mind. Considering all possibilities in any situation and stepping into other people’s shoes is a great way to become inspired. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anyone, but it won’t find you. You have to go out and look for it. You have to have the drive to want to be inspired too.

4. Make a list of your role models. The people that inspire you are very important in any life. Consider how much you know about them and why they inspired you. I can guarantee that every time you learn something new about their lives or relate yourself to them it feels good doesn’t it? A fuel for your motivation. What qualities did they need to get where they did? How were they S.P.I.R.I.T.E.D to get where they are today? Keep your list handy for times when you’re lacking inspiration.

5. Know when your feeling uninspired. If your unmotivated towards the task in hand or unexcited to face the day take yourself away from the situation. In short term this might mean something as simple as going out for a walk, reading or even just going to a nearby café. In the long term it could mean reconsidering your goals, your job and where you live, redirecting your life. Remember that for your life to change… so must you!

So go out and experience the world. Ensure that everything you see, you see as an opportunity for inspiration and let yourself be curious. Being inspired will always help you to get a unique frame of mind, and hopefully these top tips helped!

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